LADIES: 10 ways to tell if your boyfriend is REALLY serious about you in your Relationship

Ways to tell if your boyfriend is REALLY serious in your  Relationship.

 For everyone who keeps asking themselves, “Does he like me?”


One of the seemingly most common trip-ups in dating is that the two people in the so-called relationship have differing opinions about what kind of relationship they’re in. Invariably, someone’s feelings get hurt because expectations are different from what is actually being delivered.

She thinks they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, and he thinks they’re just “friends,” with a really loose definition of what a friend is. This happens a lot. Here’s a way to make it happen less, away to stop wondering, Does he like me?

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1. He holds your hand in public.

A public display of affection is a sweet way to connect you two. Holding hands is actually more of a commitment than, say, kissing, because a kiss can be driven by other needs. A kiss doesn’t “claim” you.

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